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Project Description

FlexSelect is a native AngularJs module for creating databound dropdrown in a simple and flexible way, offering templating, editing and configuration.

Most AngularJS modules I have tried are either ported from existing non-angular projects og build on top of these projects, making them hard to work with since they don't utilize the full feautres of AngularJs.
That is why I decided to build my own module from scratch.

Some of the planned feauteres are:

  • easy templating
    • 3-4 build-in templates for rendering as select/option, table or div
    • user templates - full or partial override of the build-in
  • read-only and edit modes
    • offer the ability to let the users edit and/or add elements to the list
  • search
    • search the collection
    • either limit the shown result or just select best match
  • multiple datasources
    • angular collection
    • REST/JSON api
  • full support for styling
    • styling for all elements must be overrideable with external stylesheet
  • configurable
    • as many settings as possible must be overrideable by configuration
    • behaviours can be modified, replaced og monitored with hooks and events in configuration
  • leight weight mode
    • enableing this wil disable custom templates, most hooks and configuration in order to get better performance and less cpu and ram useage.



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